Con Games: Why Stephen King Can't Write


"Doesn’t get the literary cred he wants."

Psshh! I don’t think Stephen King does what he does for “literary cred”. He does what he does because he wants to share the stories he has in his head with anyone who will read them. He has said before that he would still be doing his thing even if no one paid him. Seems to me that having “street cred” is much more beneficial.


Why does Carrie take a bath after being soaked in pig’s blood? That’s a shower situation.

I’ve often thought about that as well. Her mom probably taught her that showers are shameful or some other bullshit. Maybe that’s why she was so hesitant to shower at school (more so in the book than the movie) as well.


I’m not joking when I say reading Wind Through The Keyhole makes me cry a little bit oh my sweet jesus I did NOT realise how much I missed Roland. I’m possibly the lamest thing in existence

You aren’t lame at all. I think most of us felt that way. Like finding a journal from a loved one you never thought you would hear from again. Bittersweet.