Dark Tower Inspired Beam Guardian Scarf - Turtle and Bear - SOLD

Dimensions: A gloriously lengthy scarf measuring in at 66” long with a 5” fringe on either end (76” total) and 7” wide.

Now What?! I’ve already gotten started on the Lion and Eagle Beam scarf. I’ll make another Bear and Turtle immediately after I’m finished. My goal is to churn out a minimum of one scarf per week at least until the end of the year then I’m going to slow down. I want to do one of each Beam and I’ll do Turtle/Bears every other week. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on this 2014 scarf-making extravaganza!

SOLD … TO ME!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to wear this everyday for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much woollyrhinocrafts for making it possible for us to have such beautiful Tower Junkie apparel!


WoollyRhinoCrafts' Fall Equinox Giveaway! 

Here it is! Hats! omg! Free stuff! Glorious! Fall is now!


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One (1) lucky winner will be chosen using fancy, random, science-maths on 10/7 at 5pm EST. The winner will get to choose their favorite one (1) of the two (2) cool prizes pictured. All prize hats are 100% acrylic yarn (only the Rhino is woolly for this contest) and they’re sized for average, adult, human heads. They’ll be shipped to you ASAP because now it’s fall in the northern hemisphere and stuff. Winter is coming.

Prize #1 - Llamas ‘n Argyle

  • DRAMA LLAMA Beanie - pastels on black
  • Argyle Pom Pom Laplander - purples

Prize #2 - Dark Tower (because I love my fellow Tower fans on Tumblr!)

  • Eye of the Crimson King Beanie
  • Mark of the Eld Laplander - blues and black

And guess what?! There’s ANOTHER giveaway over on Facebook with two (2) DIFFERENT prize packs to choose from. Yes, you can enter both giveaways. You can’t win them both though.

Chance to win Dark Tower stuffs!