WoollyRhinoCrafts' Fall Equinox Giveaway! 

Here it is! Hats! omg! Free stuff! Glorious! Fall is now!


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One (1) lucky winner will be chosen using fancy, random, science-maths on 10/7 at 5pm EST. The winner will get to choose their favorite one (1) of the two (2) cool prizes pictured. All prize hats are 100% acrylic yarn (only the Rhino is woolly for this contest) and they’re sized for average, adult, human heads. They’ll be shipped to you ASAP because now it’s fall in the northern hemisphere and stuff. Winter is coming.

Prize #1 - Llamas ‘n Argyle

  • DRAMA LLAMA Beanie - pastels on black
  • Argyle Pom Pom Laplander - purples

Prize #2 - Dark Tower (because I love my fellow Tower fans on Tumblr!)

  • Eye of the Crimson King Beanie
  • Mark of the Eld Laplander - blues and black

And guess what?! There’s ANOTHER giveaway over on Facebook with two (2) DIFFERENT prize packs to choose from. Yes, you can enter both giveaways. You can’t win them both though.

Chance to win Dark Tower stuffs!

One was taught that such things could not be; that things like Coleridge’s “Cristabel” or Bram Stoker’s evil fairy tale were only the warp and woof of fantasy. Of course monsters existed; they were the men with their fingers on the thermonuclear triggers in six countries, the hijackers, the mass murderers, the child molesters. But not this. One knows better. The mark of the devil on a woman’s breast is only a mole, the man who came back from the dead and stood at his wife’s door dressed in the cerements of the grave was only suffering from locomotor ataxia, the bogeyman who gibbers and capers in the corner of a child’s bedroom is only a heap of blankets. Some clergymen had proclaimed that even God, that venerable white warlock, was dead.

Stephen King, ‘Salem’s Lot



Book Challenge | Day 13 – Your favourite writer

Stephen King… How do I begin to explain Stephen King?
Stephen King is flawless.
I hear he was insured for $10,000.
I hear he did commercials for American Express and SportsCenter.
His favourite movie is Night of the Living Dead.
One time he met Ronald McDonald on a plane…
And he told him he was scary.
One time he killed off my favourite character… it was awesome.
Day after day the skies are a clear, hard blue, and the clouds that float across them, always west to east, are calm white ships with gray keels. The wind begins to blow by the day, and it is never still. It hurries you along as you walk the roads, crunching the leaves that have fallen in mad variegated drifts.

Stephen King, ‘Salem’s Lot

Hey, I'm trying to complete my collection and I'm down to a few books, including Secret Windows (the non fiction collection) but I can't find it on the Book Depository or eBay. Is it limited edition or rare or something?


I think that this one is considered rare because it was published by The Book of the Month Club.  So it was probably only printed once and not very many copies at that.

I can’t remember where I found mine, but I’m very glad I did!