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Books and Cupcakes - April Photo Challenge - Day 20 - Short Story

The only short stories I own are by Stephen King, and I didn’t even realise how many he’d written until I took this photo. A few of the books aren’t exactly short story collections but more novella collections, but I felt they still fit.

have you read the dark tower comics? if so, would you mind recommending which ones to read/start with once i finish the main series, i'm part way through song of susannah right now, thanks


Aaaaah! Your message makes me supremely happy! I have read most of the Dark Tower comics (all except for the last volume) and I’ve listed the collected trade volumes below with links to the Amazon pages in case you wanna get a sense of them or just rob the ISBNs. The comics follow Roland’s timeline. They start by retelling Wizard and Glass, fill in some of the gaps after the fall of Gilead, and then move on to the events of The Gunslinger. Marvel cancelled its publication, but the series will be resuming soon with The Drawing of the Three (if your ears are ringing, don’t worry that’s just me screaming with excitement because we get to see Eddie and Susannah). I do hope this helps, and please feel free to drop me a line at any time you want to chat. I could talk about the Dark Tower until the sky falls down. Thanks again for your message. Long days and pleasant nights to you!

Dark Tower comics collected volumes: 

1. The Gunslinger Born

2. The Long Road Home

3. Treachery

4. The Fall of Gilead

5. The Battle of Jericho Hill

6. The Journey Begins

7. The Little Sisters of Eluria

8. The Battle of Tull

9. The Way Station

10. The Man in Black

11. Last Shots




Stephen King: Neil Gaiman for old people.

Did … did you just call me old?

I’m old so I can make those jokes. (?)

Yes, yes you can. I can as well, but apparently I’m terrible at making jokes; based on the number of followers I just lost. There was truly no slight to Neil Gaiman intended.


I’m reading a list of all of Stephen King’s novels ranked from lowest to highest and I just keep making angry faces and shaking my head because I disagree with how low some of these are and the negative opinions written about them lol

Yes. I had to stop reading that list! I may be slightly biased though. ;)

Stephen King and the 3 Types


so here is what i think: the quote we’re all talking about may actually be from an interview talking about Danse, as neither i nor kings quotes​ could find the exact quote in physical or digital copies of the book HOWEVER the subject is definitely covered in Danse.

below are the results of my searching the web…

In his non-fiction book Danse MacabreStephen King elaborated on the themes of terror and horror, also adding a third element which he referred to as “revulsion.” He describes terror as “the finest element” of the three, and the one he strives hardest to maintain in his own writing. Citing many examples, he defines “terror” as the suspenseful moment in horror before the actual monster is revealed. “Horror,” King writes, is that moment at which one sees the creature/aberration that causes the terror or suspense, a “shock value.” King finally compares “revulsion” with the gag-reflex, a bottom-level, cheap gimmick which he admits he often resorts to in his own fiction if necessary, confessing:

“I recognize terror as the finest emotion and so I will try to terrorize the reader. But if I find that I cannot terrify, I will try to horrify, and if I find that I cannot horrify, I’ll go for the gross-out. I’m not proud.”[5]

The above is from the wiki article on Horror and Terror

then there’s this from Goodreads

and lastly we have this:

the above link is a PDF of Danse Macabre, and if you search for terror or horror you will come upon paragraph after paragraph on the subject, you can also search “gross out” and you’ll find what you’re looking for

hey kings quotes​ hope this helps the Anon and you! wooooooooo!


Just saw this! Wow, thank you so much for the research! 

You're writing is very inspirational to me. Horns is my absolutely favorite novel and I was curious if there's ever a chance for a sequel?


At one time I thought HORNS might be the first of several stories about Ig Perrish. While I’d never say never, there are currently no plans to write the sequel, A LI’L TAIL.

And, yes, that was the actual title.

Maybe I’ll do it sometime as a comic book.

A Li’l Tail!

This must happen.